A Gift for Lightbearers of the World



I AM a Lightbearer of this shining New Earth

Clothed in God’s Wisdom, Love, Light and Strength,

Sending Power and Peace throughout this World

Straight from the heart, making Heaven on Earth!

I AM a Lightbearer of this shining New Earth

Holding the One Flame, living God’s Power,

Loving each other like sister and brother,

Living in Faith, Peace On this Earth!

I AM a Lightbearer of this shining New Earth

Like one of God’s Eagles soaring in Strength.

I AM holding the Flame, the Light of God’s Power,

Lord Michael’s Blue Flame blessing our New Earth!


So Be It!


This great lighted goddess, Lady Ozmana, who serves as a commander within her own right aboard The White Winds often begins gatherings of numerous beings in a great hall by singing these words to a lovely melody.  On a regular basis many aboard the ships above gather in unity to sing this song as their collective hearts focus their love in support of Mother Earth and her children.  It is an affirmation she wrote, and as a gifted and well-known singer within the Pleiades and the GFL, many aboard the ships of light often can be heard humming this tune as they send their love to Mother Earth and all life upon her.  It is the loving wish from Lady Ozmana that this be shared with those who find their way to these words that they too as lightworkers upon Earth can join their hearts together with their brothers and sisters above using these uplifting words.  


Words of affirmation written by Lady Ozmana Bondara, ascended daughter of beloved Lord El Morya. Lady Ozmana serves as Head of the Entertainment Department aboard the Pleiadian Mothership,The White Winds.  Sending forth much gratitude to dear Lady Ozmana for sharing Her beautiful gift with us, which is often sung as a sacred hymn. She asks that you tune in using these words and perhaps you shall too find yourself humming along in UNITY.




…Artists unknown…


This page is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share this through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you.  ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway

5 thoughts on “A Gift for Lightbearers of the World

  1. Pingback: A Gift for Lightbearers of the World ~ Trillia Gia @ Starseed Highway | Pauline Battell – Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

  2. Trillia, The words express the oneness of the soul energy and the heart of the people who truly care about humanity and mother Earth. We truly are one with our star familys. This is very powerful and magnificent. That alone is very meaningful. You can’t ask for anything better than that! ❤️🌎

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    • My beloved Sistar Libby, Thank you for your insightful words that express the love that flows forth from you like a fountain always. You are indeed a gentle soul who is tuned into the Oneness of Creation. ~ ❤ ~ Trillia Gia


  3. I love singing and the thought that these words join me with starfamily in joint intentions for positive energy for earth and humanity makes me so happy. Thank you deeply for this way of unifying in love. (ps – made up my own tune, wish I could hear the melody). much love, respect, and resonance, Antara.

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    • Dear Antara… if you go to the Event.. For Liberty and Freedom for All… at the end you will discover a most uplifting high vibrational song by Dan Green that will raise your vibrations as it fills your open heart with expanding Love and Joy! Also the decree found within the video is powerful and can be used anytime within the Now Moment to uplift Humanity. The words of the decree are typed out below the video so it can be given at anytime. ❤ ~ Trillia Gia


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