The Shekinah, Holy Lady Nina, First Lady of the Pleiades

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Holy Lady Nina

First Lady of the Pleiades

The Pleiadian Manifestation of the Shekinah Energies

‘Self love is knowing who you are.  Tolerance is the acceptance of self and what is in the search of freedom of self love. Be grateful to see this is something that is there for you, a lesson that you must learn. When someone refuses to do something that is important to be done for the masses then they do not love themselves. The Mother and Father God does not love one more than another.  Unconditional love is for everyone. Self love is a branch of unconditional love. We are all the same, created in the Mother’s image. The judgments of Earth are the biggest downfall of self love on Earth.”  ~ Holy Lady Nina

Divine Complement (Twinflame): Archangel Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades

Retreat: The Shemont, Maubean, Medina, Pleiades

Focus: The Energies of the Feminine Energies of the Mother God

Bringing the Feminine Energies back into the equality of all worlds, including the Earth

Color Ray: Pink Ray of Divine Love and Devotion

Flower: A pale Pink Rose



I go within

And open the petals of the Crystal Lotus.

I go within

And as the Lotus blooms

My mind, my body, and emotions quiet.

As my consciousness steps

Into the center of the Lotus, I become tranquil with Who I AM.

I flow with the serenity of Spirit.

As I sit within the Lotus,

I know the Buddha that is Myself.



Lady Nina is the acting energies of the Shekinah.  This is Her 3rd incarnation in which She has done so.  She brings forth the messages of the Feminine Voice of God.  Lady Nina has come back to open up the Station of The Shekinah to fulfill the prophecies of old for the changes that are occurring throughout this Omniverse. She incarnated as the original Shekinah as the first born daughter of Mother Isis named Lotus. As the original Pleiadian Shekinah She built the original Shemont. She has brought back many old customs of the former Shekinah energies. She has filled the immense complex of the Shemont with the richest of artifacts of the past Shekinah as well as new thoughts to bring forth the changes decreed from Mother God.

She has restored the School for Girls at the Shemont where all redheads throughout the Pleiades may come to learn of the life of Priestess unto the Mother God.  Redheads are quite rare in the Pleiades and it is their belief that their red hair is a high blessing from Mother God that imbues them with priestess or priest energies that expand the love of the Mother. Lady Nina has also implemented The Council of the Ladies, the Council of the Arch Twelve, as well as The Council of the Shemont.

Lady Nina is a small dainty lady standing only 7’1″ tall with long, long thick curly red hair.  Her very large lavender eyes are filled with the Love of the Mother God.  Lady Nina claims Her Medinian heritage, Her Bewarian heritage as well as Her Ashtarian heritage. Lady Nina is the daughter of Lady Rowena, Chohan of the Third Ray, and Lord Diaz (Ben Diaz) known on Earth and within the Galactic Federation of Light as Lord Ashtar. She is of the House of Diaz.  Lady Nina’s home away from the Pleiades is upon the Pleiadian Mothership The White Winds.



Oh! Beloved Shekinah, humbly we pray

Shine Your Love on the children of Earth this day,

Bathing all hearts in Your pink essence

That all may remember Thy loving feminine ways.

Reach within and nudge all hearts

Reminding all that we are One Light,

Your Light.

That we are One Love,

Your Love.

Awakening all to Your peaceful ways.

And in the Oneness of Your Gracious Love,

May all life on Earth express reverence

And gratitude from the depths of our souls,

Forever blessed by Your loving touch.


So Be It.


 This article is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ With love, Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway

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