Lady Portia, Goddess of Divine Justice & Opportunity

Lady Portia

Goddess of Divine Justice & Opportunity


Divine Complement (Twinflame) of Saint Germain

Archaii of the 7th Ray of Freedom

Ray Color: Violet

Karmic Board

‘Greetings to thee.  I am Lady Portia.  It is my honor to share opportunities with those of you who are in need of a few.  I truly feel this year is a good year for opportunities for you with Balance mixed in. We can see that Balance must be added to  your life to bring about that wonderful energy of Harmony.  This year can be your very best if you follow the leads that opportunity will hand you.  In Balance and Harmony

– I Am Lady Portia’

 *** Call on this great Lady to bring forth opportunities for positive change

within your being, within your life and within your world. ***

Lady Portia is a Pleiadian Goddess who came forth from Source through Alcyone, our Central Sun. Her home is on the Isle of Maia in the City of Shaballa. As a member of our Karmic Board which She presided over for many years She now welcomes Lady Claudine, the Goddess of Change, to preside over the Karmic Board during this long foretold time of great change on Terra and throughout the Omniverse. Lady Portia focuses Her energies through the Violet Flame Caribbean Retreat to bring Divine Justice where there is inbalance and Harmony to hold Balance.  Through Her dedicated service She brings Cosmic Justice into action for Earth. Her electronic pattern and sacred symbol is the Maltese Cross.

Lady Portia is always in motion continually giving the blessings of opportunities to all She connects with. She is an active member of many Pleiadian councils and throughout this Omniverse.

Lady Portia is a selfless loving goddess who has come to guide and inspire Humanity. She brings forth opportunities when called upon to bring balance within our beings that we may radiate the Light and Love of our Divine Essence. Lady Portia is a beautiful petite blonde with large light blue eyes.  She always pulls her hair up into braided buns. She wears violet or purple gowns with white outer robes or the reverse of white gowns with violet or purple outer robes.  Her robes are trimmed with golden braids of the Maltese Cross on the hems.



There is a Goddess so precious,

Earth’s atmosphere She commands.

Gifts of opportune action,

Holding in Her Helpful Hands.

Love’s opportunity

Brings all God’s gifts to all men.

Love’s opportunity calling

Calling again and again.

She comes in many disguises,

Not always blazing Her Light.

Only vibration apprises

What’s to be done that is right.

Beware of the sins of omissions,

Often more grievous than wrong.

Though the sin be forgiven,

Yet the blessing is gone!

Justice is Love’s opportunity,

Holding wide God’s Open Door.

Take from the hands of this Goddess

Blessings of good held in store.


This article is copyrighted, yett you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ With love, Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway



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