Lady Clarity, Archaii of the Eighth Ray


Lady Clarity

Archaii of the Eighth Ray

Ray Color: Aqua

Divine Complement (Twinflame): Archangel Aquariel

Retreat: Shamballa and Retreat of John the Beloved over Tucson, AZ

Focus: To bring the energies of Pure Sight, known as Clarity to Humanity. To assist Humanity to work through issues on the Karmic level.

“Allow your vision within to see beyond illusions to bring forth clear vision of who you are and that which you are here to do. By accepting the responsibility for your life and not blaming others, one opens the doors of freedom to living the enjoyment of life. Ask yourself dear child what truly matters the most within your life. Is it not time to clearly see the truth and beauty of you? Clarity can bring forth Peace and Harmony into one’s life.” ~ I Am Lady Clarity



Beloved Source of All

Enfold us in your arms of Peace.

Guide us in your eternal Light of Clarity.

Open up the Pathways of Clarity to all hearts and minds

To accept the currents of Aqua Light into our World and Environment,

So we may serve this sweet planet.

We thank you for giving us clear vision.

In the Name of the Mother, I AM.  ~ from Lady Clarity


Lady Clarity is a soft clear angelic energy from the Isle of Alconia, in the Pleiades. Her name is Lady Mary Beth Zander. She is a bronzed beautiful and graceful woman who stands over 8 feet tall.  She has long blonde curls and large golden Pleiadian eyes.

Lady Clarity is on the Council of the Pleiades.  She is a highly respected teacher, and has taught in the School of the Isles of Maia, Morova, and within the Temple of Truth on Bejelium.

She is of the House of Morya.



Dear Mother Father God,

Please help me see the clarity of my being,

To know who I AM and what I AM about.

Aqua Ray so clear and clean,

Like the waves of the ocean,

Cleanse me, clear me, make me shine as Thee.

I immerse myself in Your sparkling waters

To see the Truth of me.

Allow the sands upon the beach

To be as the multitude of man.

And as I walk upon Thy shores,

Let me be the example of the Clarity

We must BE.

We ask this of Thee, Beloved Mother Father God.

So be it, Beloved ‘I AM’.



This page is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share this through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway

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