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Welcome Everyone here to learn more of my home Sirius – You are most welcome here!

~ Namaste ~

Sounds of home

(Sirius A)

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I, Trillia Gia Kavioush, am guided from above to begin sharing more with you of my home Sirius A. The isle of Sirius A, home of Lord Krishna and Mother Sophia, is the oldest planet with a continual civilization surviving upon it within this quadrant of Creation. There exists approximately 80 zillion years of written history with a prior long unwritten history. We are spiritually devout beings, many of us worshipping daily within our temples. Our belief is similar to the Hindu belief on Earth. We have deities of our Gods upon high altars, and each temple has a pure column of gold within its structure. Our ancient temples were built long before our recorded history. We choose to spend our birthdays in the temples to rejuvenate our beings for the coming year and to dedicate our lives unto the service of God.

Our government is ruled by the head of the ‘Ancient of Days’ Lord Krishna and a high ruling family, the Kavioushes. All the Sirian Isles are ruled by this one government, although each isle has their own governmental representatives.

Sirians of the higher castes always have very white skin with white blonde hair. It is said that our complexions are so white as to shine of a soft blue. Our eyes are always a bright light green color when of pure blood, with the exception of Lord Krishna who has large bright blue eyes. All have lined eyes as our tradition. Married women all tie their hair up and dress in style similar to a saree. The men have white blonde hair worn loose to their shoulders and often ring their earlobes with golden earrings. The men of the city wear loose fitting pants with a shirt usually worn open with a long scarf or shawl of a different color draped over their shoulder. Most Sirians are 7′ – 8′ tall and slender, never weighing more than 200 lbs. Our gold jewelry and gold braiding denotes our wealth.

The caste system allows Sirians to rotate from one caste to another to appreciate and know all forms of life. No one is ever poor or without as on Earth. Our caste system has always been a part of Sirius. The lower castes choose to live 100 – 500 years while those of upper castes choose to live 500 – 600 years, each year being measured in the thousands of earth years.

The largest city on Sirius is called Sirust. If you would combine New York City with Paris and add Los Angeles and Mexico City you would come close to the size of our city. It is approximately 1000 miles wide. Most of our land is tropical and at times feels hot and sticky. Yet there is a section where the grains, vegetables and our fruits are grown that has a cold winter with strong winds. Some of the plants we seeded upon your land are wisteria, lilies, daffodils and citrus fruits. We also brought to Earth our falcons and peacocks.

The geography of our isle is one of soft rolling hills in the farm areas and our largest city Sirust sits along a large ocean where we harvest seaweed and fish such as herring and what you call shrimp. All of our temples are built atop our holy hillsides with Lord Krishna’s temple upon the tallest. We have our gold mines on the other side of our isle. We eat a diet of fish grown in fish farms along the coast of the seas as well as raw sushi. We enjoy greens and kelp, citrus fruits, spicy vegetables, rice and rice noodles, puddings and many enjoyable liquids.

As we are you and you are we, we look very similar to many of Earth.  We seeded your land with life of many forms including dolphins and whales, cats and even butterflies.  Others followed us, such as your other star families from Venus, Lyra, Ashtar, Neptune, Adromeda, Orion, the Pleiades and Arcturus to name but a few.  Does this surprise you to know that we are human as you, yet not of 3D Earth?  You are our family.  On Sirius we create our children and give birth as you, yet without pain.  To bring forth life is sacred and the highest honor to be parents, whether mother or father.  If you are Pleiadian you create life in another manner, yet this is the story of our lives in Sirius…

Our sacred music and mantras are part of every fiber of living for us.  Unto God we offer our beings, our service and bless our foods, homes and family in our daily prayers and service unto God.  Every section of our cities revolves around a high temple of worship that sits upon a hill where each must walk the steps, each a prayer, as we go forth to worship.   It brings much joy within our beings to hear the conch shell echo across our land each morning announcing another day of blessings unto our lives.  Flutes sing and bells chime, cymbals crash and drums beat as we bring forth the love of our Creator within our music and songs.  Each life we choose for ourselves within our caste system offers us another form in which to honor and love the beauty and splendor found within a life of devotion unto our Creator…



Lord Krishna





Sounds of Osiris…

(Sirius B)

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Sirius has 3 moons and 2 smaller planets within our system. The one named by earthlings as Sirius B is the isle named Osiris. The Isle of Osiris has mountains and rolling hills with water. Osiris has less humidity with some snow, one moon and 3 smaller planets. This is the land of the ‘dark’ Sirians responsible for building upon Earth the Great Pyramid and others, the Sphinx along with temples to connect with other planets and places for learning and teachings to store knowledge for the future. Much of this has not yet been found as most on Earth are not yet ready for such knowledge.

The pictures found of Egyptians long ago are typical of these black haired beautiful beings. They are of similar body shape and they have warm deeply tanned skin. They line their black eyes as we do on Sirius A. Many you know of from this land such as the great ones like Mother Isis, Osiris, Ra and Horus. The pyramids of Osiris are like those on Earth except they are made of solid gold and are houses of worship surrounded by open fields as the gods need their space. Within your Great Pyramid the King’s Chamber lines up with Sirius and the Queen’s Chamber lines up with Osiris.

The 3rd isle often referred to on Earth as Sirius C is called the Isle of Ganta by our people.  As you approach from above she appears a beautiful purple. Here you find our people are much the same as on Sirius A and the Isle of Osiris, yet their complexion is more flesh tone with hair light to dark blonde hai coloring to black as on Sirius B. She is called Xylanthia by many upon Earth.  The Isle of Ganta has 3 seasons of climate and the land is similar to your central Ohio area where I Trillia spent many years in this Earth lifetime. Ganta has 2 moons. The 3 moons of Sirius A we call Trians.  So as you can well see life abounds within our star system Sothus, known to all this day as Sirius. 

At one time there were more Sirians upon Earth than Pleiadians. There are now more Pleiadians on Earth than Sirians. Most Sirians currently live outside of the U.S. and are usually Hindu in belief.


The Golden Lily

Our largest mothership is the Golden Lily which at midnight you may see in your eastern sky. If she were to land upon the U.S., the Lily would stretch from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. She is commanded by my son, Commander Gene DeAir, Commander JairVair and Commander LayVee.  The Golden Lily is built for speed and as such has no swimming pools as one finds upon the large Pleiadian motherships.

Thank you my cherished brothers and sisters for allowing me to share of my home as I am proud to be their representative. ~ With love, I Am Trillia Gia

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This article is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. ~ Thank you, Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway

29 thoughts on “SIRIUS

    • Thank you dear Saranda! I always love to hear from such a lighted Venusian! Yes it is true that the Osirians built the other two pyramids to line up with the highest light in Orion. ❤

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  1. Thankyou for this detailed description of your “Home” in the Sirius Star System dear Trillia. It will put to rest much of the misinformation regarding Sirius.
    I remember vividly, being told by your Father, Lord Krishna, how I visited Him there as a little boy, with my Grandfather, several times, when He was the Venusian ambassador to Sirius. I have visited Him again, more recently, during this current life. I thank you for bringing remembrance to me of those visits, and for allowing your Father, Lord Krishna, to step into you to speak with me on several occasions. He is my Great Grandfather, and it is so lovely to be reacquainted with my extended family in the Stars. I Love Him very much.
    I am so happy that you are now offering, here, the same service to others, so that they too may be reunited with their Star Families and their “Home” in the Stars.
    I Love you my dear Friend and one time daughter. — Rananda Kumara. — ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • My dear friend and mentor Rananda I am humbled by your loving comments. As one who often sees through time I used to pray to once again find my beloved father the Prophet Elijah. My prayers were answered when I found you and my heart healed by your immense spiritual love and wisdom. Little did I know that finding you was the beginning of numerous golden doors opening before me. You have encouraged me for years now to stand fully in the love and truth of all that I AM. Earth and all life upon and within her is blessed from On High by your presence and the presence of God’s legions of angels that walk among us. My Father and Mother send you their gratitude and blessings as do I for all that you have given to me. May the steps that you take each day forward upon the ascending golden spiral bring your heart ever increasing love and joy. I love you without measure always. ~Trillia Gia

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    • Thank you my dear sweet friend Carole. You always shine such loving light to all around you. And yes, you are right! Sirius is a most wonderful place and it is my great honor to call Sirius home. ❤ ~Trillia Gia

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    • Awwwww….I love you too my dear sistar and beloved friend from above ❤ I am delighted that you found time to drop by for a visit! I am greatly honored that you shall share my offerings of our homes above and the great ones who selflessly serve God's great cause! ❤ I love you always dear ❤ Meline Portia ❤ ~ Trillia Gia ❤

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  2. Dear Trillia,

    thank you for describing the Planet I am coming from. I received many information about my home planet, but I never could see anything you have seen with your gifts you posses. I was told that I am from the high council of Sirius A and I had many earth incarnations to fulfill my contracts with many humans on earth. I am wondering if you receive some more information about me, because I have the feeling that my soul knows your soul, but I will leave it up to you, if you receive this confirmation I have from my sources about you.

    Much love to you and thank you for sharing this wonderful and light filled information for us, who left there home planet to support earth in the process of ascension

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  3. Dear Marc, Thank you for your very kind comment. I have read your words over several times and resonate that indeed you are from Sirius A. It would be lovely to chat with you further. Please contact me if you wish @ … Much love to you as well dear one. ~Trillia

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    • Namaste’ dear dilip! Thank you for taking time to comment. I am very pleased to know that you found my sharings of home interesting! Blessings sent your way dear friend. ~ Trillia Gia

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  4. Dear New Desert: Thank you for your kind words of congratulations dear brother. Since you enjoyed reading of life in my homeland of Sirius. perhaps some day you shall step forth to share with us information of life on your home isle, Morova of the Pleiadian Star System! I am sure that many starseeds would enjoy to know more of your world as well. I love you dear brother of Light. ~ Trillia Gia

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    • Thanks for your gentle and soothing words, dear Sister.

      They take even more meaning as I travel through the Cathar land of old–a journey of remembrance and healing.

      And yet it took me 50+ years in this lifetime to travel to the place I belong. How mystical, and how exquisite!

      Love & much Light, dearest Sister

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      • You are so greatly blessed! The region of France you are traveling is so beautiful. I wish I was there with you so we could together see through time and remember more… I look forward to future sharings of your special journey. I am there with you in heart dear brother. (♡)

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  5. Thank you for sharing about your lovely home Trillia! It is so detailed and loving 🙂
    I feel I am ready for more information too, and having had many lives on Earth I am ready to learn about my soul mission and where I came from in more detail 😀

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    • Dear Kerry Chu ~ Thank you for your kind comment about Sirius A, my home isle. Often when we find ourselves drawn to a specific star system this is a clue flowing from our higher self to pay attention and remember… trust your inner knowingness and allow your self to remember. Many starseeds begin by asking their angelic guides to bring them visions and information while their physical body sleeps, and then they record what they received as much as possible when waking. I find that when I ask to remember as I fall asleep it works well. One step at a time as each brings its special blessing. Much joy can be discovered upon our unique pathways home when we relax and give thanks for each sign and bit of info that comes to us in any fashion that works to gain our attention. When you are ready, your life mission(s) will present itself in a very natural way. Many of us are here to anchor the Light as it flows from On High deep within our Mother Earth and then to radiate it through our hearts to all life…this may sound simple yet it is a very needed high service. As I write to you dear Kerry I am being told that you come to Earth from the Pleiadian Isle of Vey. Veyan’s are reknown for their healing gifts and very high intellect in the fields of sciences yet not known on Earth. Thank you dear one for sharing your thoughts with me! ~ Trillia Gia

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  6. Hello, thank you for your wonderful discription of your homeworld. I am just awakening, I know most are. But the first thing I remembered is that I am from Lyra, then other memories came. I am wondering if This does not mean I am here to help people rember Lyra. Anyway, thank you for all you do. Also have the Soul Name Leinniel. I have not been able to find much on it. In German Lein means Flax. That’s all I got. I mean for me it means ‘to lean within’ and I know it has a dimensional meaning, but not sure what it is. All I remember Is my people brought the dimensions to the earth. OK I also remember the Earth When she was red and known as Echo. Mother Earth Calls me the Echo to her Soul. And I am also the Dolphin they call Ecco. OK I have remembered much, but not how it all fits together. I was Wondering have you heard of me?

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    • Dear Linda, you have been given such a beautiful soul name… many thanks to you for sharing this! I feel that you should continue to work with this name…say it aloud, say it within, call on her to contact you, to show her being to you. Send her love and ask her to come to you and guide you with more info. Know beyond a doubt that when you send her love she will know and you may instantly feel a wave of love washing over you as she returns love to you.

      Trust your intuition regarding Lyra and Eccho. To remember your lineage and home isle and your life there, you must first trust in yourself. As you strengthen this connection expand upon this by asking more of your star family to reveal themselves to you. I am excited for you as I remember the immense blessings I received with each answer that came to me. There is nothing like meeting your higher self, your mate from home, parents or children…

      Each of us is a multi-dimensional being. So, indeed, it is very possible to have several aspects reaching out to you, especially in these days of change. Eccho I feel comes from the Pleaidian Isle of Dankus… She has a large pod she swims with who are a part of her soul group. They all chose to come here together.

      Thank you again for sharing your important thoughts with me here. As others read your words I trust they too will feel encouraged. Blessings dear friend, ~ Trillia Gia


  7. Wow, such exquisite detail! Thank you for sharing! I also often wonder where I came from, but I don’t necessarily see what it looks like, so I don’t even know where to begin, but still, thank you! Love and Light to you!

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    • Dear Heather… often the remembrance we seek comes to us when we go within to the place of Silence. Silence from all the outer mind’s chatter and the earthly programmings and fears. This must be set aside and cleansed away which takes personal effort as no one can do this work for another. To this one must set forth the personal intent to remember, giving oneself permission to do so, then send forth the prayer and request the remembrances you to seek to begin to flow.

      Each receives their personal guidance in unique ways. Many hear the messages flow within often from their higher self or personal angels. Then many who quiet their minds and walk in gratitude often will begin to notice that the answers they seek are given through signs found in nature, or through a child or through a seemingly out of place comment made to thee from another who is being used as a chalice to bring forth that which you have asked for. Often in past years I would send forth a long list of questions as I asked for my daily guidance. I would listen to my intuition telling me to make a stop at a specific bookstore where someone would place a book into my hands or it would literally fall off the shelf into my hands. Anytime this happened the book would fall open to the exact page I needed to read.

      It is important to not compare your process of spiritual remembrance and that which you receive with that of others. Each with open hearts who have sent forth sincere prayers are given answers and guidance or perhaps needed healings… We each receive that which we are ready for or are willing to accept for ourselves, as we tend to put limits upon how God blesses us.

      With all of this said, I encourage you to continue your important quest. I began long ago by asking to receive guidance and answers while my body rested at night and telling myself that I would remember. Then I would write all in a notebook when I awoke. I expanded on this by greeting my personal angels each morning and telling them how much their loving guidance means to me. I asked them to give me signs that I could not miss, so perhaps this explains the books falling off the shelf for me…lol.

      I encourage you to try any of these methods or all. You are here for a very important reason and you are most definately worth your effort. Much love ~ Trillia Gia


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  9. Recently much false info of Sirius is quite popular on social media outlets and a few alternative spiritual news sites. I wish to share a bit more of my homeland to clear up what is circulating.
    To begin with if one looks at the star map of Sirius you will easily note our proximity to the lower regions of the Constellation of Orion. There lies the isle of Rigel which is the seat of those forces that began the invasions of other star systems wherein numerous innocent lives were lost. This is the isle from which the notorious star wars were instigated to spread the shadows.
    The star wars were indeed quite real and brutal yet the Light Forces did prevail.
    We as a people joined in loving unity to create a protective forcefield around our star system that resonates at very high frequency that those who are not native to our lands or do not have some Sirian blood within them can comfortably remain within for long periods of time. If you could see our protective energy fields they are as a high frequency double helix that actually rotates and flips in sequence. This has been in place for a long time since the wars ended and have served our homelands well.
    Indeed we do have numerous visitors to our isles, yet they must have higher frequencies to endure the immense Light of Kristos which is the loving element within our sheilding system. If you are blessed to know us and are sensitive to such, you will feel the higher resonance of the Light of Kristos, known to you on Earth as Christ Light, resonating within our people. Many of you are awate that Sirius A is the home isle of Lord Krishna who through His beloved son, Sanat Kumara, the Office of the Christ eas created to lift Mother Earth out of her low displacement that befell her during the long dark ages that now are finally coming to their end upon Earth. Through Lord Krishna’s grandson, Lord Sananda Kumara, and as representative of His Father Lord Sananda and the peoples of Venus. known on Earth as Jesus aka Lord Yeshua, lovingly volunteered to embody the Christ Light aka Light of Kristos upon Mother Earth.
    There are many we refer to as ‘outer Sirians’ who live upon other isles or within other star systems. Then as all other human species there are those of Sirian heritage that have mated with those of Venus or Lyra, Arcturus, the Pleiades and Ashtar to give you examples. Their children born of such unions are known as ‘blended beings’ as they carry qualities of both species within their DNA.
    That which I speak of is the same for other star races. Yet for the Sirian Star System the manner in which we as One People protect our home is uniquely ours.
    May the Golden Light of the Kristos always bless you.
    I Am Trillia Gia Kavioush
    ~ ❤ ~

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  10. Interesting article!! I feel like I resonate but also feel “What if all these are just projections in/from our minds?”.. Having said that, I feel one of my pursposes here is to be an anchor of Love, Healing and Peace.. A long long way to go I guess 🙂

    I have a question, it might be childish even, but, here it is.. Why did PureSource/God create all these and then, bring the creations back to It? and, this seems to go forever.. something doesn’t make sense.. the purpose of all this! If you’ve any pointers Trillia, a request to share them 🙂

    PS. Starseedhighway is great!


  11. Dear Trillia,

    I really love these beautiful uplifting energies coming with the description of your home land. It’s a real honor and joy to have you here on earth now. . I checked my feelings concerning my home land and it is not Sirius. My remembrance is that we are not physical. Wed have no material body. We don’t communicate by words. But we are all connected so everyone knows about the other so if one is not well the whole system is out of balance. I came here to collect information about spiritual and healing systems, as well to complete my true nature of divine love. I feel very lonely on earth and since the last two years I have a strong pull to goAnna home again. That’s what I remember. Much love and light dear Trillia


  12. Namaste Sister Trillia ,I am extremely blessed by your presence ,I cannot begin to express the joy in my heart and to know that what we have been experiencing is infact happening..Thank you 💗💗💗💗💗.Blessings and love Vanisha.


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