Holy Lady Amazon, Elohim of The First Ray



Divine Complement (Twinflame) of Beloved Hercules

Focus: Bringing the power of the woman into the Balance of Creation through the Strength of the Knowledge of the Mother God and Her goddesses. The use of Power Through Transformation.

Color Ray: Blue, yet prefers to wear yellow when not in station.

Flower: Yellow sunflower or daisy

“Across this great Isle of Terra I send forth my call unto the women!  It is time to now stand in your strength and in your God-given Power.  Rise up and shine forth this wondrous beautiful power of you to bring forth the Balance of Life.  Do you not remember that your strength flows forth within you?  Outside you, show your strength and be the goddess you were created to be, for as the old saying goes ‘You are as you appear, for your actions speak louder than words.’  Cleanse your being of fear to bring forth your strength and shine of it! It is my joy to greet you this day.”

~ I Am Lady Amazon 

Holy Lady Amazon comes to Earth from the Pleiadian Village of DiBai on the Isle of Serana.  She also claims Her Arcturian heritage.  Since Her matation (marriage) to Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel of the Seventh Ray, they make their family home on the Pleiadian Isle of Za-ayana.  She is a High Priestess of the Caribbean Retreat where She carries forth equal workings with Holy Lady Amethyst, Archaii of the Violet Ray.  She works within the energies of the Blue Ray in the Temple of Power to help the peoples of South America, and She often works with the Banff Retreat of Archangel Michael and Lady Faith, as well as through the Retreat at Zurich.  When working within Her station She is a powerhouse of Strength and carries equal energies of Her twinflame, Mighty Hercules.  They unify Their workings to enhance the energies of Strength and Power.  She is of the House of Kadish.  Holy Lady Amazon with Her Divine Complement Mighty Hercules sends forth a tiny Flame of Their lifestreams that is anchored within the brow of every individual embodied on Earth to enable each soul to instantly manifest Strength upon their chosen path.



Lady Amazon’s priestesses offer the hymn ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’ as She comes forth to begin a sacred service as this is Her favorite song unto God.




Lady Amy, as She is often called when not working, is a joyful bundle of laughter and warmth.  It is said by those within Her 8′ tall Presence that Her huge golden eyes are as alive as is Her dance.  She is a highly honored teacher of the Art of Ritualistic Dance in numerous temples throughout the Pleiades including within the Shemont Girl’s School in the Village of Medina.  Within the use of Ritualistic dance the energies of the priestesses and those of the villagers who have gathered within the Holy Temples of the Mother for this most sacred art are woven together to bring forth Divine Blessings that are then directed through the sacred portals the priestesses open in the offering of Loving Oneness to benefit Creation and those in need.



This article is copyrighted, but you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for FREE, it is not altered, and the proper credit line is included.  Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia / Starseed Highway

3 thoughts on “Holy Lady Amazon, Elohim of The First Ray

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  2. Thank you for your wonderful comment dear Northstar. I have found that when one resonates in such a manner to an Ascended Master there may be numerous reasons why. All of the potential reasons are exciting as most of Earth affected by the veil of illusion have not remembered yet who they are. To have such an affinity is what I refer to as a trigger within your consciousness of an important piece of your history or relationship with this magnificent and powerful goddess. Could it be that you have a family relationship with Her, have attended Her classes She gives as part of Her ongoing workings with Humanity, are a friend of Hers from home or indeed a spark She sent forth upon Earth to complete a needed mission? Only about three years ago did I myself accept that many of the Ascended Masters have indeed sent forth a spark of their own light to complete important workings upon Earth in these important days of completion and new beginnings. I must admit I recently came to accept this as possible when I repeatedly came face to face to meet some of the radiant sparks of these Great Ones on Earth through one way or another. The human mind has been trained to limit possibilities to what we have been told is ‘reality’, yet human limits have little to do with the truth of God’s Creation. I at first found myself in denial of what was being shown to me… from old 3D programming… yet the more light I expanded within my being the more old programmed thoughts of reality did not fit and were actually painful due to their restrictive and confining nature. Releasing old fears and earthly programs brings much joy within your heart. I hope that you dear one will continue to connect with this great Goddess to discover the truth to why you feel such a strong connection. I feel that the answer shall bring your heart much JOY! ~ Trillia Gia

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