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My Divine Father and Mother Within
The art of concentration on you is perception of the One

Yet I have this restless mind, flitting from one thing to another, one aspect of this world of multiplicity to another.
I want to find unity and peace.
How may I do so?

Simple meditation focus always goes hand in hand with devotion.
There are many ways in the path of pathlessness.

One is to find an object, a form, of intense devotion.

There is a beautiful story to illustrate this that the blissful Mother, Anandamayi Ma tells of a disciple who was making no progress in meditation.

The disciple was asked by the teacher if there was anyone or anything that interested him intensely.

Without hesitation the disciple said his main interest was his buffalo.

“Then go and concentrate on the buffalo. Visualize him and do not let your mind wander from thinking about the buffalo.”

The following day the teacher knocked at the door of the meditation room and asked the disciple to come out. There was a long period of silence.

Then the disciple answered in a strange deep booming voice
“It is impossible for me to leave the room because my horns cannot pass through the door.”

Deep concentration leads to merging, blending the divine, both within and without. Samadhi means deep concentration on the divine.

In Tibet we are guided to work with many forms as a path to formlessness, to emptiness.

I AM manifesting, for example, after deep meditation, the forms of both Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri as True Forms both within and without.

This is a very profound practice, taking the form of a deity and manifesting it in your everyday life.

In simplest terms you can do this right now by breathing with the breath of Divine Mother, or walking on the lotus flowers of the Buddha, or invoking the blessing of the Holy Spirit in your Heart, or hearing the Divine Father’s guidance in your ear.

This practice you can do continuously, throughout your day, very simply, no matter what comes across your path.

You bless yourself with the breath, or your footsteps, or your heartbeat, or your listening. Or all of this. Very simple focus.

For hours you sit and play games, watch movies or TV, focus all your efforts on making money or doing courses and passing exams.

Can you apply that same focus to God within?

Another is to find the formless.

Focus or concentration is the energy of transformation.

It is a burning Christ-like passion, a flame of Spirit alight within all of us.

We can concentrate on emptiness or formlessness or pathlessness.

These are samadhi, doors of liberation. Walk through them.

Many people ask me what emptiness is. It is a profound practice, a door of liberation, a samadhi, being empty of separate existence, empty of a separate self. So it is a transformation. From the self to the Higher Self or self that is ONE. I am you and You are me.

Formlessness is also a door of liberation. Letting go, surrendering the form. We can see how this is connecting us to emptiness, emptying ourselves of separate self, surrendering the self.

Pathlessness is another door of liberation. There is no pursuit or goal or path that is outside of you. What you are looking for is already here, NOW, within you. You are already what you want to become. You set up all these lessons, these paths, this knowing. The Kingdom of God, immortality, deathlessness, enlightenment, Christ Consciousness, I AM Presence, Embodying Spirit, BE-ing, it is ALL, HERE, NOW.

To practice samadhi is to live deeply in each and every moment.

This is the secret of the Lotus Sutra, living in all the ultimate dimensions of reality at the same time.


Living our life deeply as the wave so we can touch the essence of the water within us.

We are One with Father and Mother through our conscious choice and creation.
It is through Our Presence, by moment to moment awareness of our co-creation with our fellow beings, this planet and the many worlds, that we learn best how to serve.

I AM traveling between worlds. I am simply breathing walking enlightening listening listening.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother

altair blog 8.4.

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”