You are ALL my Christ, my Buddha on the Path.

We are all sharing this, this experience, in our Shared Heart, together.

I am no different to you as you are no different to every other person, Christ or Buddha.

We all have this Presence, this Pure Unborn Awareness as our essential Self. Your Heart shines with that Light and Presence for My Heart.

I want to share a dialogue with you. There is a need for discussion as we sit in the center of these transformative energies of the Christ Consciousness.

I have a question and I want you to bring your questions so that we, Our Higher Selves, may discuss them. Anything about anything at all. Or no-thing. Your soul family, your life mission, your healing, your light embodiment.

Here is an example from My Self revealing itself to My self.


What does “IN LIGHT” mean?

Higher Self (HS) : PRESENCE



self : This Christmas – New Year week marked a major turning point for awareness.

I was meditating on dissolving my self in the divine body of My Father Metatron and My Mother Guan Yin when I was struck by what I will call Vajra. This is an experience of Thunderbolt Awareness or Diamond Consciousness as it is called by Krishna and Buddha.

I was so stunned by this sudden realization that reduced me to the point of a Diamond that my mind stopped. There were no more thoughts. I slipped into what Buddha called Sunyata or profound realization of emptiness which Buddha himself experienced and called Void and Christ called Fullness of Life. Krishna called it the Bliss of Consciousness. I was drawn into a vortex of energy instantaneously that flashed with the intensity of the purest diamond.

The emptiness or void was inside me. There was no-thing.

When I came to consciousness everything around me had changed and it remained so for around 18 hours. Everything had the intensity and beauty of a precious diamond. I realized that I had been drawn into the Heart of Metatron, dissolved into pure amrita, an indestructible drop of the nectar of pure divine light, entered the Womb of Guan Yin, melted, and dissolved into emptiness. MY SELF DISSOLVED INTO EMPTINESS.

It had happened within the first 30 seconds of sitting to meditate.

In those following 18 hours I couldn’t sit to meditate, as tears would flow of their own accord.

My every waking moment was a meditation.

Higher Self : The Light of the day is Love itself.

Everything is new and pristine just as unborn awareness.

Every moment is a miracle.

self : For those 18 hours I was in pure peace and bliss.

Higher Self : The suffering, as Buddha says, has ended.

Be aware of your experiences, questions, thoughts and discussions for this New Year Christ Consciousness center that we all are. Let go of anything else. Focus and simplify. Allow the space between your thoughts to widen through deep attention to what arises.

You are consciousness itself

You dwell in the Lotus of the Heart

You are Joy in Bliss

Keep quiet, keep still, keep silent and the Self will reveal itself.

When your attention, in that stillness, is fully in the present, the Presence that is your True Self reveals itself as Limitless Light, unbound, timeless and nameless.

Firmly abiding as ‘I am I’, in stillness, without any movement of the mind, is the attainment of the True Self.

In that moment of ATTENTION there is an AWARE PRESENCE.

The I AM.


I AM that I AM אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה, ehyeh ašer ehyeh

Timeless, unborn, pure presence.

Love and blessings from the Source

altair guan yin and lotus

I am Altair, Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”