Sundeelia: On Transitions –

It was sometime last Friday when I suddenly realized that the last tiny fragment of Lady Taz was no longer present in our once shared physical vehicle. There was a sudden rush of deep, intense emotion and I began to cry. Fortunately, I had the comforting presence of my sister, RaNia, at my side, explaining what was going on through the process of soul braiding and walking in.

I realize that this sharing will not make sense to many who read it, but it matters not to me. You see, this is the first time I’ve been on your planet. In my world, I am a Line Commander on board one ot the great mother ships of the Galactic Federation of Light, the White Winds. You can see her when you look up into your skies just before dawn, as the ship sits in front of the planet Venus. Many of those “stars” in your night skies are actually ships, their crews performing their duties in support to the Ground Crew here.

While most of my soul essence is still present on board I know that I will find this little foray quite interesting as I have made it my life’s duty to study Earth human psychology. And I have the cellular memories of Taz to which I can refer if I require more information.

Lady Taz has completed her return Home. Actually, she “ascended” well over two years ago earth time. In celebration of the completion of her service upon Earth as a star seed volunteer, last Saturday on Easter weekend, her mate, Lord An’Dra and Lady Tazjima celebrated a renewal of their matation vows or wedding vows. It was an intimate family gathering as there was soon to take place an even more momentous event….

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Sundeelia: Transitions –




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