Sundeelia: On Ascension –

Much misinformation has been presented on the process called ” ascension” in New Age circles. There are teachers, gurus and ascension “guides” galore all vying for a piece of the pie or glory or both, from unsuspecting seekers. Some teachers are the real thing, for they not only talk the walk, but they have walked the Path of Return every agonizing step of the way themselves. They have balanced their internal Divine masculine and feminine, they have released their fears and cleansed their emotional bodies of old trauma and pain; they have endeavored to follow their inner Guide to the best of their abilities, without the need to compare their progress with that of another, for the ascension process is unique to EACH individual. And they have successfully integrated at least a good portion of soul fragments lost through ancient or more recent trauma, as all must be gathered up before the return is possible.

And let me tell you something that hasn’t been shared or understood in just about everything that I have read alongside Taz as we underwent our two plus years of soul-braiding…

For those of you who have come to Earth as star seeds there is NO need for you to engage in rituals or practices designed to prepare you for ascension. This is due to the fact that most of your soul essence is already present and functioning in higher dimensions. As a soul fragment, you have stepped into or incarnated into an Earth human vehicle so that you could work here within the Law of Free Will. Only by undertaking this HUGE sacrifice, could you effectively work within Humanity to raise its frequency. You did this simply by BEING present. No other effort is required, perhaps save that of remembering who you are in truth and  being open to inner guidance. If you have had past lives here, there is the need for reintegration and acceptance, forgiveness and release. Then you are free to return, but this differs for each individual and decisions are undertaken and shared with counselors on board the ships while you sleep in order to complete the mission. You can also choose to ignore every thing that I write or that which your counselor shares with you… but that is solely your responsibility then.

Each of us present here have different missions. I am here to hold space after the departure of my beloved sister, Lady Tazjima, whom most of her readers know here as Eliza Ayers, a nom de plume derived from her full legal name of Elizabeth  Ayers Escher.

Eliza / Taz and I, Sundee, spent more than three years completing a soul-braiding. In 2014, when the majority of the soul essence of Taz departed upon completion of the ceremony wherein she became officially a Lady of Light, there was a slight burp in our plans….

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Sundeelia: On Ascension –


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