Lady Tazjma: “On Walking-Out”

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In this article, “we”, as the blended consciousness of Eliza Ayers and Lady Tazjima, will attempt to put forth our perspective on the process of walking in and its companion, walking out. Many of our older readers, who were reading the blog during 2014, are aware that the human being known as Eliza, has been a soul aspect or spark of Lady Tazjima, a lady of the Pleiades and of Venus.

While at home in the midst of a case of bronchitis, Eliza first made contact via the Internet with a woman called Trillia Gia, who was a star kin to Lady Tazjima, being an Aunt through the Sirian lineage, as the daughter of Lord Krishna, the religious leader and spiritual “Father” to the people of Siriua A. Her website, “Starseed Highway” is still on WordPress.

During the course of several discussions via Skype, Trillia told Eliza that she was one of two forerunners of the First Wave of Starseed Volunteers. At that point, Eliza was already aware of having some sort of connection to the Kumaras of Venus, being a starseed from the Pleiades, as well as having a connection to Sirius. All these seemingly disparate connections became clearer when Trillia, as a fully conscious starseed, was able to assist Eliza in connecting some of the missing dots from her awareness of her star lineage. She was told the Tazjima, was a blended being of both Pleiadian (VaCoupe, on the paternal side) and Venetian (of Venus, from the House of Kumara). Lately, Eliza / Taz has also learned that Lord Krishna is her Grandfather, through both lines, Pleiadian and Venetian (of Venus). Soul lineage is VERY important to our Star Kin.

Although these connection… which make Lady Taz a sister / cousin of the being called Sananda Kumara through the Twin Flame of her mother, Lady Venus and her Father, Sanat Kumara,  appear to give Eliza / Taz some….

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