Heart, Head and Hand Decrees – from El Morya



I AM life of God direction

Blaze thy Light of Truth in me

Focus here all God’s Perfection

From all discord set me free

Make and keep me anchored ever

In the justice of thy plan

I AM the Presence of Perfection

Living the life of God in man!



I AM changing all my garments

Old ones for the bright New Day

With the Sun of Understanding

I AM shining all the way!

I AM Light within, without

I AM Light is all about!

Fill me. Free me. Glorify me.

Seal me. Heal me. Purify me!

Until transfigured they describe me

I AM shining like the Son/Daughter

I AM shining like the Sun.



I AM the flame of Resurrection

Blazing God’s pure Light through me

Now I AM raising every atom

From every shadow I AM free.

I AM the Light of God’s full Presence

I AM living ever free

Now the Flame of Life of Life Eternal

Rises up to Victory.





I AM free from fear and doubt

Casting want and misery out

Knowing now all good supply

Ever comes from Realms On High

I AM the Hand of God’s own fortune

Flooding forth the treasures of Light,

Now receiving full abundance

To supply each need of life.



Listen to the sounds of newness

Filling the air with news

Let the people of Earth know

Let the Light flow into my being

Let the Light expand in the center of my heart

Let the Light expand in the center of the Earth

And let the Earth be transformed into the New Day.



In the name of the Beloved Mighty Victorious Presence of God

I AM in me, Holy Christ Selves of all Mankind.

Beloved White Brotherhood and the Holy Mother

Pink Lightning is Thy Love

Flood forth to free all;

Blue Lightning is Thy Power

In God I see all;

White Lightning is Thy mind

In pure Truth I find.

Gold Lightning is Thy Law

Blaze forth as Holy awe;

Red Lightning is Thy Name

Our heart’s altar do enflame;

Violet Lightning maketh free

In God I’ll ever be.

In full Faith I consciously accept this right here and now with full power,

eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding

until all are wholly ascended in the Light and Free!

Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM.





Thou Holy Christ Flame

Within my heart

Help me to manifest all Thou art

Teach me to see Thyself in All

Help me to show men how to call

All of Thy Glory from the SUN

‘Til Earth’s great Victory is won!

I AM we love Thee… Thou art our all.

I AM we love Thee… Hear our call.

I hear thy call My children dear

I AM thy Heart, so never fear.

I AM your mind, your body too

I AM in every cell of you.

I AM thy earth and sea and sky

And not one soul shall I pass by.

I AM in Thee… Thou art in Me…

I AM, I AM Earth’s Victory!



O flaming Presence of the Central Sun

O flaming Reality, Thou Cosmic One;

O God, the All in All,

How can I import the quickening

The awakening.

The awareness of the Enlightened One

To those here below

Who have never tasted of the immortal fount,

Who have not stood with Christ

On transfiguration’s mount,

Who have not beheld the Hand of God

Or born witness to the heavenly flight

To those who have not known thy self

To those who would return to  Thee

Yet have not glimpsed eternity

I would bring the Light

I would bring the remembrance

Of an origin so vast

Would bring a Cup of Living Flame

From the Altar of the Most High God

I would offer the Cup of Liquid Gold

To those who honor Thee

I would hold Thy Light, Thy Being,

In Mind and Heart and Soul

That they may reach the goal

I give my life.



I AM the Buddha come again

I AM the Buddha come to win

Souls for God,

Souls of Freedom, for individuality

I AM the Buddha.

I come quietly as all pervasive awareness

Of gentleness, of sweet caress,

Of God enfolding life with tenderness,

A thousand petals of a thousand petaled rose

And of a lotus that blooms and grows

In the swampland of Life –

The Christ, the Buddha,

To be Free

I AM the Buddha

I come quietly.





O Mighty Presence of God I AM

In and behind the Sun

I welcome Thy Light which floods all the Earth

Radiate and blaze forth Thy Light

Charge me with the great clearness

of Thy White-Fire Radiance!

I AM thy child and each day I shall become

More of Thy Manifestation.



Thou Life that beats my heart

Come now and take dominion

Make me of Thy Life a part

Rule supreme and live forever

In the flame ablaze within;

Let me from Thee never sever

Our reunion now begin.

All the days proceed in order

From the current of Thy Power

Flowing forward like a river

Rising upward like a tower

I AM faithful to Thy ray

I AM grateful for Thy Right Way.




Violet Fire, thou Love Divine,

Blaze within this heart of mine –

Thou art Mercy forever true

Keep me always in tune with you!


I AM Light, thou Christ in me

Set my mind forever free!

Violet Fire, forever shine

Deep within this mind of mine.


I AM the Hand of God in action,

Gaining Victory every day –

My pure soul’s great satisfaction

Is to walk the Middle Way!

~ El Morya



Starseed Highway is copyrighted, yet you have permission to share it through any medium as long as it is offered for free, it is not altered and the proper credit line is included. Thank you. ~ Trillia Gia


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